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How about taking an interview with a robot? or checking how it will look in a room before buying a sofa? We talk about Business technologies that used to seem like something from the realm of fantasy, but now they have become familiar.

Robots: Help HR And Contact Center Staff

At least once in your life, you must have talked with a robot. For example, when you wrote a chat message on an online store page or called a bank support service. Voice and chatbots help automate the routine and solve typical customer problems. In case, it takes too much time for employees.

Robots: Help HR And Contact Center Staff
Robots: Help HR And Contact Center Staff

The bot of the online store can answer standard questions about the terms of delivery and payment and will tell you how to place an order. Many Trading Networks Have a Bot for interacting with customers. Which displays the purchase history, and helps you to make a list of necessary products and tells you if your favorite yogurt is in the nearest store.

The love of electronic assistants is easy to explain. Robots are always online (even on weekends or in the middle of the night). It can work with several customers at the same time and answers faster than a person.

Android can replace even a specialist in personnel. Of course, the final decision on hiring a candidate remains with the people. But the robots will help at the initial stage of selection. They will contact the applicants, and find out whether they fit the requirements of the company or not, and invite them for an interview.

Smart Assistants: Make Shopping Easier

Saying something is easier and faster than writing a text message or searching manually. Voice assistants help you find the right product. So that the buyer does not have to search into the collection of the store for a long time. For example, on eBay using the Google Assistant, you can refine what things you are looking for. And the assistant will show you suitable options and give you information on the cost of goods.

Starbucks launched Alexa Voice Assistant that has Becomes Starbucks’ Virtual Waiter. it remembers which drink a person prefers most often. It offers you to choose the type of payment and tells which cafe you can pick up. Papa Jones Network Launched Voice Orders order food at home. You dictate the names of dishes to him, specify the address and time of delivery, and it transfers this data to the nearest restaurant.

Artificial Intelligence: Prepares Personalized Offers For Customers

When you choose a sweater or cat food in an online store, all your actions are analyzed by artificial intelligence. It keeps track of where shoppers came from and what they are looking for so that later they can offer them suitable products. If in a few days you receive a newsletter with a selection of products for animals or sweaters, which are now discounted, do not be surprised, this is a greeting from artificial intelligence.

How Artificial Intelligence used in Business
Artificial Intelligence: Prepares Personalized Offers For Customers

The basis of this smart recommendations is the study of patterns of consumer behavior. To simplify things to the limit, customers can be divided into categories depending on the preferred products and brands, and then each new visitor can be identified in one of these categories and displayed products that are most often bought by people with similar interests. And yes, this approach works (e.g. Amazon it brings up to 35% of sales).

Face Recognition: Ensures Customer’s Safety And Increases Loyalty

Smile, you are being filmed! Video surveillance is not new to the business, but it was joined by the ability to recognize the face of each customer. This technology is actively used by Banks. The client must confirm his identity not only with the correct password but also through the verification procedure using the camera. It compares his photo with the database of scammers, thereby protecting reliable customers from theft.

Recognition is used by retail chains. For example, Walmart has a technology that monitors facial expressions of customers. If someone found unhappy, the system will inform the store staff about this. In this way, Wall-mart improves services even before complaints from visitors. At the same time, the system correlates emotions and purchases to find out how discontent affects shopping habits.

Augmented Reality: Eliminates Long Shopping

Here it is, the dream of an introvert. Forget about exhausting races in shopping centers and queues in fitting rooms: you can make purchases from home using the app. True, with online shopping there is a risk that clothes or shoes will not be the right size or will somehow sit wrong. In this case, stores are developing virtual fitting rooms based on augmented reality.

Augmented Reality: Eliminates Long Shopping
Augmented Reality: Eliminates Long Shopping

In the Lamoda app, you can check before buying, how new sneakers look on the foot. This is good for everyone. Buyers do not need to issue a refund if the shoes did not fit, and the seller has reduced the number of failures after a real fitting.

The same thing can be done with furniture. For example, you bought a sofa, but in color, it is knocked out of the general range of the room. You can bother with the return, reconcile and endure. IKEA has such an application so that before the purchase you check whether the new item will fit into the interior. With the help of a camera, you scan a room, select the necessary furniture in the catalog and see how a new wardrobe or bed will look alive.

Technologies help businesses work more efficiently and earn more money. But still remain only a tool in the hands of professionals. It is people who decide how to use them profitably.

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