Better Branding 4 Steps to Generate 33% more Profit

4 steps to better branding

Lucidpress’s research shows that brand consistency can have a significant impact on revenue. According to the State of Brand Consistency Report, consistent branding can increase revenue by 33%. Although more than 60% of brands believe that maintaining a single brand is important when attracting potential customers and communicating with existing customers, 81% of companies still deal with non-brand content. Thus, you want your branding to be consistent at every step of the way for your client, you need to pay attention to the following:

1. Set Branding Guidelines for Your Company

Branding guidelines include details about your tone of voice, preferred professional terms, and a general code of conduct. Each business should have one vote, regardless of its stage of the path to ideal branding. This is the central document that all employees should use when creating marketing materials or presenting your company.

2. Give staff a Branding workshop

Once you have created your branding guidelines, you will need all employees to become familiar with them. You can do this by holding a workshop for them on the brand, describing in detail everything they need to know about the history of the business, core values ​​and tone of voice.

3. Provide staff with branding resources

Provide employees with branding resources that can ensure consistent marketing materials and avoid confusion with potential customers. This includes font names, logo options, graphics and color palettes, as well as corporate templates to save time and maintain a high level of consistency.

4. Think wider

Many companies assume that the logo and website are enough to “put the cherry on the cake.” But the fact is that every step of working with your client must be branded to maintain consistency. So, think about a typical journey from your client. If it is not agreed on the early platforms, the purchase is unlikely to happen. The same applies to social networks: people will wonder what happens if you don’t have a constant voice.

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