How the pandemic changed the marketing of influence: Study

pandemic changed the marketing of influence.

The pandemic and self-isolation significantly changed the behavior of users of social networks and influenced approaches to promotion, including marketing influence.

Social Studies analyzed the situation in social networks and identified trends that help companies maintain high engagement rates. Here are the main findings of the study:

  1. The most popular content today adds value to the lives of users, motivates to contribute to a common good deed, or supports those who are now particularly difficult.
  2. Over the second week of April, enthusiasm grew by an average of 10% for topics such as home, health, household goods, social movements and donations.
  3. Over the same period, an average of 34% decreased the number of publications in the topics food, fashion, business, entertainment, education.
  4. The following topics will be especially popular when quarantine ends: travel, cars, beauty, weddings, alcohol.
  5. During self-isolation, the key topics for advancing through opinion leaders were education, donations, motivation (active at home) and inspiration (entertainment).

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