6 Digital Marketing Tool you can't do without in 2020

Digital Marketing Tool

2019 has shown that users are fed up with advertising, and getting their attention is becoming increasingly difficult. Therefore Specialists are developing new interesting formats that “catch” the audience. Thus, TheFrontMail has collected the most relevant trends and Digital Marketing Tool.

1Video Ads – Digital Marketing Tool

Video advertising is significantly more effective than a regular static ad, and the numbers speak for themselves. According to Cisco forecasts? in 2020, online video will account for 80% of all traffic. 83% of marketers say that videos bring them good ROI. According to Wyzowl’s 5th annual State of Video Marketing Survey, 58% of users today prefer to learn about the features of the product through a short video. 15% of study articles on comparative tests. Only about 3% falls on each of the other communication tools (call, booklet, presentation, etc.). The main platforms for posting video ads are still YouTube (24.7 million posts), followed by Instagram (13 million).

2Voice Assistants

According to Quoracreative,20% of users worldwide use voice search. And this figure will increase in the future. Because users want to get quick answers without “unnecessary movements”. Therefore, it is important now to adapt sites for voice search searches. So that you can implement your offers in different systems like Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant, Aura, etc.

How does it work?

for example, a user asks: “Where is the nearest coffee shop? How long is it open? Do they serve iced coffee? ” If your cafe is nearby, the system will offer the user this establishment

3AR technology in digital marketing

Augmented reality technologies help users to make a purchasing decision. After all, it’s one thing to leaf through a furniture catalog, and another thing is to see how this furniture will look in your apartment. To use AR, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on software development. So, on Instagram you can virtually try on glasses and lipstick:

4Automation, Personalization, Targeting

Automation is a breakthrough in digital marketing. Because it helps to comprehensively interact with customers, reduce the human factor, and build business processes. Here are the most popular areas of automation:

  • Chatbots: instead of an employee answer standard customer questions.
  • Greeting new users on Instagram Directorate, on the store’s website, etc.
  • Returning customers to abandoned baskets.
  • Automatic distribution of conversations.
  • Launch of automated sales scenarios (auto-funnels).
  • Convenient analytics, search and work with reviews on the Internet.
  • CRM-systems that combine email, SMS, messengers, and telephony.

Personalization of digital marketing is closely related to automation. Chatbots are tied to the next best offer intelligent recommendation systems. And on this basis, they make the service individual for each client. Bots take into account geolocation, the history of communication with the user and form personal recommendations for products and services

You can automate not only sales but also some business processes. For example, transfer accounting to outsourcing

One of the most powerful personalization tools is targeted advertising. This is an ad that targets a specific audience. The coolest settings are on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Target more than 100 options (country, age, gender, income, interests, a brand of the smartphone, upcoming events in the user’s life and many others).

5Viral and situational marketing

Situational marketing is bright advertising creatives that beat the hype news or just an important event. If you manage to hit the bull’s eye, such content can become viral – that is, users themselves will distribute it through reposts. At the same time, advertising does not seem intrusive, it is perceived as entertaining content.

For Example, In an art gallery in Miami, a certain artist created a banana installation that is glued with tape to the wall. This work was bought for $ 120,000, and social networks exploded from memes. Well-known companies did not stand aside:

6Influence marketing (IM) or working with bloggers

With a competent selection of the author, you can get such a result that you can’t rely on in advertising networks and even in contextual digital advertising. Millions of people follow bloggers and listen to their opinions.

You can work with influencers in different ways:

  • Integrate your product into the content of the author. For example, advertising a cosmetic brand on a YouTube channel or on Instagram about makeup.
  • Create separate content. For example, record a blogger’s interview with a company representative.
  • Ambassador. This is the format in which a blogger becomes the face of a brand. Only large companies can afford such a long-term cooperation

7What Digital Marketing Tool to choose?

To get results you need multichannel that is many times superior to competitors. – the use of all available traffic channels and their interconnectedness.

For example, if a user came to your site from a search engine but didn’t leave contacts then you should go after him to advertising networks, social networks, and other channels in order to convey the benefits of your offer.

Every year the need for such an approach will be even more acute. And brands that skim the cream from one single tool will have less and less chance of competing with more advanced competitors.

In conclusion, we add that the main secret of success is the maximum emotional involvement of the consumer in the life of the brand. This is the only way to keep his attention, create and maintain brand loyalty. Therefore, the entire content plan needs to be built so that it “responds” in the soul of potential customers. Hence Digital Marketing Tool plays a vital rule in business development.

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