ASO specialists: what is this profession

ASO specialist: what is this profession

Over the past five years, the demand for ASO specialists (App Store Optimization) has grown 20 times.

It’s becoming harder for mobile app publishers to compete for audience attention. And they hire ASOs — people who optimize the pages on the App Store and Google Play so that as many people as possible see and download the product.

This is a relatively new profession – at the universities, such specialists are not yet trained. And you can study it yourself at the lowest possible cost.

What do ASO specialists do?

ASO (App Store Optimization) is a tool for promoting mobile applications on the App Store and Google Play.

The task of an ASO specialist is to choose the name, description, screenshots, and logo of the application. So that as many people as possible can see and download it: in this case, the company will be able to attract users at a lower cost.

To develop a suitable promotion strategy, a specialist first evaluates his starting position. This analysis includes the collection of indicators, the study of competitors, the study of a niche.

  1. How many organic (ad-free) installations do you have per day, week, a month?
  2. In which country is the number of downloads falling?
  3. What are the competitors? What are their indicators?
  4. For what queries does the application appear in the collection and at what place?

The analysis helps the specialist to prioritize. More importantly, increase the application’s position in the search or the number of downloads.

Optimization of the name and description of the application is responsible for the visibility in the search and for the number of downloads (conversion) – the logo, screenshots, and video

Having changed the pages in the pages, the specialist again proceeds to analyze. How the actions affected the conversion and the position of the application in the search results.

At this stage, you can conduct A / B tests and change the strategy – make changes to the description, change the name, increase the number of references to a specific word, check different screenshots and videos.

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