How to Evaluate and Test Your Idea of ​​Starting a Business


The evaluation and testing of a business creation idea are essential steps before going further in building a project. Indeed, it is not enough to have a good idea to succeed in an entrepreneurial adventure. To optimize your chances, you must test and confirm your idea of ​​Starting a Business. Here is how to test and Test Business Idea

How to evaluate and test your idea of ​​starting a business?

There are many methods for evaluating and testing a business idea. No method is better than another. The most important is to have a deep and constructive reflection on your project.

In this dossier, which has above all an informational goal. We will explain two steps to take to confirm your idea of ​​starting a business. The evaluation of the idea and the test of the idea.

Evaluate your idea of ​​starting a business

Evaluating a business creation idea involves thinking at several levels.

Describe your activity with precision

First of all, you must start by describing very precisely your offer of products or services

  1. what are you going to sell?
  2. what is the use of your products or services and their characteristics?
  3. how are you going to sell? whose? or?
  4. why are you going to offer these products or services?

Study your target market

To integrate a market, it is necessary to understand how it works and to delimit it. At this level, you should notably study the following points:

  1. The characteristics of the market you are targeting: geographic area, seasonal or permanent, level of concentration, barriers to entry, linked to other markets…
  2. The type of clientele you are targeting,
  3. The current state of the market and its trends.

Carrying out a full market study is not a mandatory step. It depends on the needs of your project. If you already know your market through your experience, then you already have the answers to these questions.

Study your compatibility with the needs of your project

The objective of this approach is to verify that you are the right person to lead your business creation project. Are your personality traits and your skills in line with the needs of your project?

To do this, you need to analyze your motivations, your objectives, your skills, and your potential. Then, it will be necessary to compare your personality and your skills with the needs of your project.

When certain skills are lacking, you should consider finding associates and/or partners who can bring them. For example, if your project requires good negotiation skills but you are not a salesperson, then you will need a competent person at this level.

The team formed is very important. It must have the necessary capacity and skills to implement the project in good conditions.

Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your idea

Finally, an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your idea of ​​starting a business will allow you to highlight:

  1. Your advantages over the competition. You have to capitalize on these strengths, those are competitive advantages.
  2. The constraints of your project. Solutions must be found to overcome these obstacles.

In a way, this is a summary of your evaluation. At the same time, you must get a critical analysis of your idea from potential future customers

Test your idea of Starting a Business

The work here consists of carrying out a test of your idea on a reduced sample of potential customers. And then analyzing the feedback to evaluate your offer. The interest of this work is that you will collect analyzes coming from outside.

Select testers

First, you need to find a sample of people representative of your future potential customers. The people carrying out the test must be interested in your offer. So you must have identified your customer segment during your market research.

Test your product or service

Once the sample is made, you can perform your test. It can be a test carried out individually by each person, or group work.

Analysis of returns

The most important work is not the test itself, but the analysis of the feedback from each client. You have to compile the results and detect trends: what did you like? what disappointed? for what reasons?

The analysis of returns will allow you to adjust your product or service offer. These returns constitute an external point of view emanating from a representative sample of your future customers. To succeed in your project, your offer must satisfy and convince them.

Conclusions of the test

Following the analysis of the conclusions of this test phase, several situations are possible. The tailored offer can:

  1. Fully meet the expectations of the sample, and therefore the needs of your market;
  2. Partially meet the expectations of the sample. It must, therefore, be improved;
  3. Not be adapted to the needs of the target market. In this case, you will have to modify it or abandon the project;
  4. Only be suitable for part of the sample. In this case, your market may not be large enough. It may be necessary to modify the offer to meet the needs of a larger market.

In the latter case, however, your offer may meet the needs of a niche market that can potentially grow, or even a market to be created. This situation is encountered in particular in innovation projects. You can bet on the development of this market but that involves risk.

What to do after having evaluated and tested your idea of ​​starting a business?

Once you have evaluated and tested your idea of ​​starting a business, you will be able to carry out a summary of the project and then highlight your strengths and weaknesses. This summary will determine the path you should follow:

  1. Continue the project in the absence of blocking weaknesses and in the presence of encouraging signals;
  2. Modify the project in the presence of some potentially blocking weak points that you can overcome;
  3. Abandon the project in the presence of many weak points that you will not be able to get around.

Taking the time to evaluate and test your idea of ​​starting a business. Increases the chances of a successful entrepreneurial adventure. Even if your idea is good, your project must be through enough because haste can turn a great idea for starting a business into failure.

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