Street Food Style: 11 New Street Food ideas


Street food is a promising business that requires a minimum of investment, quickly pays off and is actively developing even in a crisis. In the article, we collected 11 ideas on how to open a street food point.

Today, street food is a global gastronomic trend. The street food market is actively developing annually. The main advantages of street food as a business is that it does not require large investments, it quickly pays off and is realized even in times of economic crisis. Opening a fast food outlet for a novice entrepreneur may be the best business option.

Here are 15 ideas for street food, and among them, all are market-proven concepts and new options.

1. Corn Dogs (Street Food Style)

Corn dogs are a great option for beginners because of minimum investment, simple technology, quick payback in 2-3 months. According to experts, the popularity of small fast foods in recent years has grown by almost 30%, so root dogs as a business is a very promising area.

Corn Dogs
Corn Dogs Street Food Business Idea

The corn dog is, in fact, an analog of a sausage in a test or hot dog. Corn Dog differs in that the dough is made from cornmeal. Served on a wooden stick, which is very convenient for the street food format.

To start, you will need a minimum of equipment. The most important thing is the apparatus for preparing root dogs. It must have a capacity of at least 30 pcs. at one o’clock. You can find Chinese models – this is a more budget option, or European – which will last longer, but will cost more. At the start, a Chinese-made device will be enough. Such equipment, supporting the simultaneous baking of six root dogs and productivity of 35-50 pcs. per hour

2. Cone Pizza (Street Food Style)

Cone Pizza
Cone Pizza Street Food Business Idea

Everyone loves pizza. She could have been street food if not for form. Eating a triangular piece of pizza on the go is not very convenient. But this problem was solved by a new product – Cone Pizza. Such pizza is made in one portion and wrapped in a cone. So the niche is still free. A press for molding and baking a cone is required from the equipment. A device with a capacity of up to 64 pcs./h will cost about 650 USD.

3. Fish and chips (Street Food Style)

Fish & Chips is an English fast food that has been eaten since Queen Victoria. But what if we embody a similar idea outside the UK? Moreover, the combination of potatoes and fish is familiar to everyone and is to their taste

fish and chips
Fish and chips Best Street Food Business Idea

The dish is a fish in batter and deep-fried. It is served with french fries and sauce. The recipe uses fish with white meat: cod, flounder, haddock, pollock, etc. For cooking, in fact, you only need a deep fryer.

4. Caramel fruit (Street Food Style)

Original desserts in a fast-food format are a win-win option. Such a product will leave indifferent neither children nor adults. The dessert is fresh fruits on a wooden stick, which are covered with sweet caramel icing on top.

Caramel_Fruit Street Food business idea
Caramel_Fruit Street Food business idea

Fruit in caramel as a street delicacy has long been widespread, There may not be any direct competitors in your city. The low price will allow you to successfully implement the project, even in a small city. This will require a minimum set of equipment: a caramelized and a device for planting apples on a stick. These machines allow you to produce 80 apples per hour.

5. Proper Nutrition (Street Food Style)

In recent years there has been a popularization of proper nutrition: a balanced menu, smoothies, gluten-free foods, etc. Such institutions are popular with people of different ages and social statuses.

Proper Nutrition Street Food Business Idea
Proper Nutrition Street Food Business Idea

Today, new formats offer consumers useful street food. Who will be the customers? Those who are on a diet, monitor their diet, adhere to vegetarianism. A separate audience is people with diseases who, for medical reasons, have refused junk food. In such establishments, you can sell healthy business lunches, salads, soups, sandwiches, sugar-free desserts, tonic drinks, etc

6. Salad bar (Street Food Style)

The salad bar supports the idea of ​​a healthy diet, which fits perfectly into the trends of gastronomy. Hearty, balanced, healthy salads can be served ready-made or provide the opportunity to collect the dish yourself.

Salad Bar Street Food Business Idea
Salad Bar Street Food Business Idea

The target audience of this business is people, who are watching themselves, adhering to proper nutrition. It is important to open a salad bar in the office center or next to it, near sports clubs. As a rule, they try to cook such dishes with minimal processing. An interesting format if you will prepare salads in the presence of a client. The main thing in such a project is to create the right menu that will meet the needs of the target audience. You may need to involve specialists.

7. Grilled chicken (Street Food Style)

Grill chicken stalls flooded the streets at one time. The product was so loved by consumers that not only small points but even large supermarket chains began to sell it.

Grilled Chicken Street Food Business Idea
Grilled Chicken Street Food Business Idea

The main investments for organizing the trade of grilled chicken will go to the purchase of commercial equipment. Now many entrepreneurs who are engaged in this business use special vans designed for the sale of food products: food trucks (vans or trailers).

8. Waffles (Street Food Style)

Waffle business is trending today: the fast-food market is growing, and its waffle segment is only gaining popularity. Waffles are classified as street food, which is confirmed by the very concept of cooking in front of the client. Waffle fast food is, of course, based not on ordinary waffles, but on Hong Kong, Japanese and Belgian waffles. When baking Belgian waffles, the mold makes recesses in them that can be filled with various toppings. For Hong Kong, everything is different: they consist of spherical bulges, where they put the filling: pieces of chocolate, fruit, soft cheese, etc.

Waffles, Street Food Business Idea
Waffles, Street Food Business Idea

Hong Kong waffles are a relatively new type of fast food that is popular with young people. Variations of dishes based on waffles are many. You can make both dessert and hearty waffles.

9. Shawarma, Donor, Gyros, Burrito

Shawarma has long become a popular fast food in many countries. But over time, new versions of this dish, copied from different countries, began to appear. For example, the prototype of shawarma in Greece is gyros, and in Mexican cuisine, it is a burrito. Each of the dishes has its own special ingredients, but the essence is the same: it is a hearty filling, wrapped in a thin cake or pita bread.

 Shawarma, Donor, Gyros, Burrito, Street food Business Idea
Shawarma, Donor, Gyros, Burrito, Street food Business Idea

You can open the standard format of a stall with shawarma, or bet on a non-beaten format. For any of these areas, the initial investment will be approximately the same. The main equipment will be a grill for cooking meat.

10. Ice Cream

Ice cream is one of your favorite treats. Demand for it is growing annually by 6-7% in physical terms. It is especially popular in the warm season. Therefore, the ice cream trade on the street is one of the most profitable types of business.

Ice Cream Street Food Business Idea
Ice Cream Street Food Business Idea

Starting a business based on street trading in ice cream is possible with minimal investment. All that is needed is a frosty chest mounted on a trolley and a sunshade. But you can complicate everything and organize mobile trading. To do this, an equipped van, trolley or bicycle, on which a mini-fridge is installed, is suitable.

11. Coffee House

“Coffee with you” is a business that is growing in the wake of coffee consumption in many countries. The “take a coffee” format has captured megacities but has quickly spread throughout every country. Coffee points take root even in small cities.

Coffee to Go, Street Food Business Idea
Coffee to Go, Street Food Business Idea

The cost of opening one outlet depends on the selected format and equipment. For example, you can open a coffee kiosk. Surely, you noticed kiosks on the streets or in the underpasses where coffee in glasses is sold.

A more sophisticated format is the coffee pavilion. In this format, you can accommodate not only the seller’s counter and a mini-showcase with pastries but also 2-4 small tables where you can take a five-minute break for a cup of coffee. In the summer, you can put additional tables on the street, diversifying the menu with cold coffee and lemonade

And finally, the third option for coffee street food is a coffee shop on wheels. It can be a van, a mobile trailer, a coffee shop, etc. Most often, there are mobile coffee houses in the form of a special car. It is equipped with all the necessary equipment.

Under the mobile format, you can adopt various areas of catering. All kinds of fast food will fit perfectly: hamburgers, hot dogs, shawarma and more. You can organize a station with chilled drinks, a cafe, a pastry shop, a smoothie bar. A small van is enough for such ideas.

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