Apple launches renewed iPhone SE in the USA

Apple launches renewed iPhone SE

The Apple released on Wednesday (15) a smaller version of the iPhone (Apple iPhone SE) to $ 399 price, reducing the initial price of the line in a strategy to advance on consumers impacted by the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

iPhone SE Price

  1. iPhone SE 64 GB: $ 399
  2. iPhone SE 128 GB: $ 449
  3. iPhone SE 256 GB: $ 549

Arrives in April in the USA

The iPhone SE, available from April 24 in the USA, is the second generation of an earlier model. The price is $ 50 dollars cheaper than Apple’s previous cheaper model, the $ 449 iPhone 8, which will be discontinued.

The SE has a 4.7-inch screen and the same processor as Apple’s most advanced model, the 11 Pro. Instead, the model has a fingerprint sensor.

All previous iPhone models were presented at events with large audiences, but crowds are prohibited in the city that houses Apple’s California headquarters.

The iPhone SE also has an aluminum and glass case and will come in black, white and red and looks a lot like the iPhone 8, but with better components. The screen size is the most popular among Apple models, which claims it has sold 500 million devices of this size.

In China, rivals like Xiaomi last month launched models with 5G features and prices starting at $ 425.

Apple will accept orders for the new device through its website starting Friday, with deliveries starting on the 24th

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