Prince Albert of Monaco tests coronavirus positive

Just the other night he made a speech to his country, to his Kingdom, announcing restrictive measures for the Coronavirus emergency . Today the news: Prince Albert II of Monaco tested positive. A note from the royal house of Monaco, however, underlines that “his state of health does not cause any concern”. so much so that the ruler can continue to work from his private apartments. Albert II had taken the swab earlier this week, according to reports, 3 days after the Minister of State, Serge Telle, equivalent of the Prime Minister in the Principality, announced that he had tested positive.

” Our country is living is facing the most serious health crisis in its history,” he said on TV in his speech to the nation. epidemic and the necessary arrangements have been made. To slow down the spread of the virus, I ask you to stay at home while the workers of the health and public forces are working for you ยป . “We are ready but everyone’s help is needed to stem the danger. We have decided on new provisions to minimize contacts in the area. Telework has been applied and I ask you to go out for strictly necessary reasons such as the purchase of food and strictly necessary. I asked the Government that the construction sites be closed and that we will be at the side of the employees as far as possible – concluded the Prince who turned 62 on 14 March – to count on your sense of responsibility. I confirm that there are no problems with food supplies in the Principality. We have already had problematic moments and we will pass this together too. Long live Monaco “

Bars and restaurants are in fact closed, many yards also, and to circulate you need to have a valid reason, as well as in France and Italy. One enters the grocery stores one at a time and people wait silently for their turn, at least one meter away from each other. A slow pace that does not suit Montecarlo: for years the Principality has been constantly evolving, with construction sites that build new buildings at a fast pace, if not even neighborhoods.


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