Scientists: Coronavirus pandemic cannot be stopped

Coronavirus pandemic cannot be stopped

All measures to limit the spread of coronavirus are only a temporary solution to the problem, said epidemiologists at Imperial College in London.

Experts are skeptical of the decisions of the authorities of most countries of the world to declare national quarantine.

It is noted that it is no longer possible to stop the pandemic, but there are more than enough negative consequences from the artificial isolation of people and entire countries.

In the best of two possible options, the epidemic will peak in three to four months. To do this, it will be enough to isolate the sick with members of their families, as well as people at risk.

The second option – hypothetical – provides for a “Chinese” version of extremely strict quarantine with the cessation of almost all types of social activity. However, with complete isolation of the population, an outbreak of the disease may return as early as next winter, as people will be unable to develop collective immunity against the new virus.

Earlier, the author of a textbook on virology, candidate of biological sciences, professor at the Department of Microbiology of St. Petersburg State University Alexey Potekhin said that the coronavirus is “doomed” to ill the entire world’s population, after which the symptoms of the virus will become much milder.

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