Scientists have found a way to keep the mind in old age


Scientists have found an elementary way to keep the mind in old age

Experts have proposed an easy way to preserve the freshness of the mind and the vigor of thinking – it was published in the publication MedicalXpress.

American scientists have found a simple way to keep the mind in adulthood: according to researchers, it is enough to simply reduce the amount of carbohydrates in the daily diet.

An interesting study attracted public attention. The experiment was attended by people aged 18 to 88 years. The subjects underwent brain scans using tomography, which led to interesting results.

According to the publication Medical Express, scientists from the University of Stony Brook found a way to keep the mind in old age: it turned out that just enough to reduce the number of carbohydrates consumed.

Researchers evaluated brain function in two diets – a low-carb (keto-diet) and standard. And if glucose was the main “fuel” of the usual diet, then the keto diet was based on ketones – products formed after the breakdown of fat stores and acting as an alternative to glucose.

Based on the results of the study, thanks to ketones, the first signs of wilting brain activity appeared only at 47 years old, and the fastest aging began only at 60. Interestingly, even in young people, the keto-diet activated the brain.

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