The first Coronavirus Vaccine Tester Shared her Feelings

Jennifer Haller of Seattle was the first person in Washington State to receive a coronavirus vaccine as part of a trial CREDIT: Daniel Berman

The first Coronavirus Vaccine Tester

American Jennifer Haller, who became the first person in the world to receive an experimental vaccine against Coronavirus spoke about her feelings in an interview with The Telegraph.

“On the first day, I had a slightly elevated temperature. On the second day, my arm hurt a lot. But that’s all – after that everything was all right,” she said, comparing the injection with the usual flu shot.

According to Haller, in participating in the experiment, she saw an opportunity to contribute to the victory over COVID-19. However, she expressed confidence that an effective vaccine will be created one way or another. “I will be proud to have been part of this process,” Haller added.

In the near future, a 44-year-old resident of Seattle should receive a second dose of the vaccine. She will remain under the supervision of specialists until the spring of 2021.

The Seattle National Allergy and Infectious Diseases Institute announced the start of clinical trials of the COVID-19 vaccine in humans in mid-March. Volunteers participating in testing will be monitored throughout the year.

45 volunteers were selected for the test, each of whom will receive two injections of the vaccine with an interval of 28 days. The doses themselves for the participants in the experiment will vary: 25, 100 and 150 micrograms. The study will evaluate the vaccine for safety and the ability to elicit an immune response, as well as determine the optimal dosage.

The Seattle Institute developed a vaccine called mRNA-1273, in collaboration with the biotechnology company Moderna, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The drug has been successfully tested in animals.

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