US Presidential Candidates Rating 2020

US Presidential Candidates Rating 2020

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the ranking of US presidential candidates in the 2020 elections.

Leaders and outsiders of the political race of 2020 in the United States: what the ratings show

Democratic Candidate First Choice

The alleged Democratic party favorite, Joe Biden, who served as vice president of the Obama government, is inferior to Elizabeth Warren at the national level among democratically-minded voters. This is evidenced by a survey conducted by the Economist / YouGov in early January 2020.

Biden has strong support from African Americans aged 65 and over, as well as from democratic voters in the Midwest and South.

Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders occupied the first three most popular locations in the northeastern and western United States. Most democratic voters have already made their choice: only 7% are still not sure who they will vote for.

Biden’s biggest advantage may be that most Democratic voters see him as the most likely winner. The majority (57%) of Democratic voters believe that it is Biden who can win the general election with President Trump, and only 19 percent believe that he will lose.

As for the most likely favorite from the Republican Party – Donald Trump – the main factor that positively affects his rating is the US economy. The unemployment rate during his presidency fell to a 50-year low of 3.5 percent. And the inflation rate as of 2019 was less than 2 percent, so prices are not rising fast. Consequently, public opinion on the state of the economy is favorable.


This, of course, gives the president an advantage, not only in the fight against impeachment but also in political battles in the 2020 elections. Fewer Americans polled by YouGov believe that the economy will be better if a democrat takes over as president, and the majority of respondents said that the economy countries would be better off if Donald Trump wins the re-election.

According to a poll conducted by the Associated Press and the American Center for Public Relations Research, 54% of US citizens approve of how their president will resolve economic issues.

At the same time, 59% of respondents critically evaluate Trump’s decisions in the field of international politics. And in the opinion of 46% of respondents, US activities “on a global scale” do more harm than good, while 39% approve of Trump’s actions.

According to the results of a study by ABC and The Washington Post in June-July 2019, 44% of respondents approved of the way Trump does his work, while 53% rated it negatively.

This is Trump’s personal record, because earlier, according to FiveThirtyEight, 42.6% of Americans approved his work.

The presidentElection yearJanuary 1stOn election dayChange
Harry S. Truman19485439.6-14.3
Dwight D. Eisenhower195675.567.9-7.6
Lyndon B. Johnson19647674-2
Richard Nixon19725061.310.6
Gerald Ford197639.343.64.3
Jimmy carter198055.937.9-18
Ronald reagan198454.157.93.8
George W. Bush199248.932.616.3
Bill clinton199652.554.62.2
George Bush200456.748.4-8.3
Barack Obama201245.749.53.8
Donald trump202042.6??

Presidential approval rating at the start of the year and election day.
As for the undoubted outsiders, they are candidates not from the Democratic and Republican parties. There are only two of them – Jill Stein, a candidate from the Green Party and libertarian Adam Kokesh from Arizona. They are not taken seriously, since political traditions are very strong in the USA, according to which either Republicans or Democrats fight for the presidency, and not a third force.

Official candidate ratings will begin to be published after the “primaries” (in June). In the meantime, we offer data from preliminary polls and the mood of the Americans.

Republican Party Candidate Rating

3. William Weld

Republican Party Candidate

During the election campaign, Trump will face a strong rival from his own party. He is the former Governor of Massachusetts William Weld. He officially announced in mid-April that he was challenging Trump as a Republican candidate.

“It is time for patriotic men and women throughout our great country to stand up and set the flag. It’s time to return to Lincoln’s principles of equality, dignity and opportunity for all, ”Weld said during his campaign.

However, words are words, and the reality, according to Business Insider experts, is that Weld is unlikely to become a single Republican candidate. Most likely, he will not find leverage that will turn out to be winning in order to delay the votes of the majority of voters supporting the Republican Party.

2. Joe Walsh

Republican Party Candidate

Another Republican candidate and former congressman is betting on those who are tired of Trump “Friends, I’m in business. We cannot take another four years (presidency) of Donald Trump. And that’s why I’m running for president, ”Walsh wrote on his Twitter.

Interestingly, when Walsh began to recruit a team of supporters, he was among the first to turn to conservative lawyer George Conway, husband Kellyanne Conway. And she, in turn, holds the post of current adviser to Donald Trump.

Walsh is known for his scandalous remarks. So, he considered Trump to be inappropriate for his post, because he “lies, every time he opens his mouth.” And before that, he stated that if Hillary Clinton had won the election in 2016, he would have “taken up his musket” and voted for Trump only because he is not Clinton.

1. Donald Trump

Republican Party Candidate

Trump essentially began his re-election campaign in 2020 on the day he took office. Here’s what the Washington Post says about it: “That day, when Donald Trump took up his duties at the new office, he also became an official candidate for the White House race 2020, in accordance with a letter sent to the Federal Election Commission . ” Since then, he regularly raises funds and speaks at campaign rallies, increasing the base of his supporters.

Despite the impeachment process for abuse of power initiated by the Democrats, the likelihood that Trump will leave the presidency before the election is extremely small. Indeed, besides approval in the House of Representatives, where the majority are Democrats (235 against 197 Republicans), a Senate decision is also needed, and there Republicans have an advantage (53 against 45 Democrats).

Rating of candidates from the Democratic Party

12. Patrick Deval

Candidates from the Democratic Party

Although Patrick has not been very active on the American political scene for the past few years, he boasts a long and successful career in business and politics. He served as Governor of Massachusetts from 2007 to 2015, and most recently was Managing Director of Bain Capital, a private equity company founded by Senator Mitt Romney.

Deval will have a tough battle in the presidential election. He already missed the deadline for filing primaries in Alabama and Arkansas, and, unlike Bloomberg and Stayer, does not have billions of dollars of personal wealth.

11. John Delaney

Candidates from the Democratic Party

The campaign strategy of the former Representative of Maryland in the House of Representatives focuses on early participation in the race. He officially announced his plans to run for president in 2020 in July 28, 2017. And since then, tirelessly preaches the bipartisan idea of ​​national unity.

“The American people are much more than the sum of our political parties. It is time to rise above our broken policies and revive the spirit that allowed us to achieve what seemed to be impossible, ”Delaney once wrote.

10. Amy Klobuchar

Candidates from the Democratic Party

An American Minnesota senator announced her candidacy for a street event during a blizzard, delivering her speech without a hat, gloves or teleprompter.

Klobuchar is counting on his reputation as a balanced, pragmatic, moderate leader with “sweet Minnesota” behavior that voters in the Midwest really like – and contrasts sharply with the behavior of President Donald Trump.

However, her campaign may be under attack due to posts published in the BuzzFeed News and Huffington Post. They detail how Amy abuses her employees and even humiliates them.

9. Tulsi Gabbard

Candidates from the Democratic Party

A Hawaiian Democrat lodges himself with a progressive politician (including endorsing a bill to legalize marijuana) and a pacifist. However, some American politicians believe that the “arm of the Kremlin” is visible behind Tulsi.

So, in October, Hillary Clinton accused Gabbard of being a Russian “asset”.

Gabbard, in turn, denounced Clinton as “the queen of the arsonists of war, the embodiment of corruption and the personification of rot, which affects the Democratic Party.

8. Michael Bennet

Candidates from the Democratic Party

A Democrat from Colorado entered the fray for the title of new US president on May 2, 2019. The 55-year-old senator campaigns to restore integrity in the government and revive American economic mobility.

“On my first day as president, I will give priority to returning money from politics back to the American people,” Bennett promised voters.

7. Pete Buttigic

Candidates from the Democratic Party

The mayor of South Bend is gaining the sympathy of ordinary Americans by promising programs such as Medicare for anyone who wants it and a free state college (for families earning less than $ 100,000).

Buttigieg also promotes the values ​​of a left-wing Christian, and he amazed experts with huge fundraising for his campaign – almost $ 25 million.

6. Andrew Young

Candidates from the Democratic Party

This businessman is the founder of Venture for America, which works to revitalize depressed cities such as Detroit and New Orleans by educating and supporting local entrepreneurs.

By promising to overcome the economic difficulties caused by the automation of the workforce, Young received loyal followers and beat many serious rivals.

5. Tom Steyer

Candidates from the Democratic Party

A progressive billionaire, best known for leading an impeachment crusade against President Trump.

Styer has no shortage of cash to help overcome his late start, and he spent nearly $ 48 million on his performance to voters.

4. Michael Bloomberg

Candidates from the Democratic Party

The ex-mayor of New York, who recently entered the US presidential race, officially announced his candidacy on November 24. And since then, America has been shocked by the incredibly expensive advertising campaign in which Bloomberg is referred to as “Job Creator. Leader. Solves problems. ”

However, a survey conducted by YouGov among American voters disagrees with the leadership of Bloomberg.

3. Elizabeth Warren

Candidates from the Democratic Party

The Massachusetts Senator soared to the pinnacle of the 2020 Democratic Olympus thanks to her bold and progressive policy. But her detailed proposal to implement the Medicare health insurance program for everyone without raising the income tax or payroll tax did not pay off politically, and it is unlikely at present to be called Trump’s main threat.

Warren wants to tackle America’s inequality with a wealth tax levied annually on ultra millionaires to pay benefits, including free or low-cost childcare, for Americans without yachts.

2. Bernie Sanders

Candidates from the Democratic Party

This 78-year-old senator from Vermont is a powerful combination of political influence and cash. He is one of the most likely candidates from the Democratic Party, and the main competition for him will be Joe Biden.

“Our campaign is more than defeating Donald Trump,” he said in a video. “It is about transforming our country and creating a government based on the principles of economic, social, racial and environmental justice.”

This time, Sanders will face fierce competition in his own party, because a record number of candidates will be nominated from the Democrats. Many of them work in the “same field” as Sanders, emphasizing that they oppose income inequality and the power of large corporations in America.

1. Joe Biden

Candidates from the Democratic Party

The former vice president, who has been involved in politics for over 50 years, offers America a tempting promise – a reboot after the Trump disaster and a return to the Obama era. In addition, he has vast experience in foreign policy and does not hesitate to advertise it.

“I am the most qualified person in the country to be president,” he once said. “I know as much about American foreign policy as I do about others, including even, perhaps, Kissinger.”

In addition, Biden is the leader in recognition among democratically-minded voters. Experts from various publications believe that it is Biden and Sanders that will become the main threat to Donald Trump in the upcoming elections on November 3, 2020.

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