Virologists Explained Reasons Why Fighting Coronavirus is Difficult


The Covid19 epidemic was a surprise for all countries, especially Italy, where mortality is many times higher than the average for other regions of the globe.

Virologists gave several explanations for why the coronavirus is spreading so rapidly, being so dangerous for the population:

  1. Coronavirus is highly contagious. Moreover, the transmission method is very simple – airborne, which negatively affects the speed and intensity of propagation. This is especially true for densely populated regions.
  2. A long incubation period, which is asymptomatic, does not allow isolating a person immediately. During the time that the virus develops in his body, he manages to contact many people, thereby infecting a large number of citizens.
  3. Coronavirus mutates quickly. It adapts to changing environmental conditions depending on the region of distribution it is in.
  4. Coronavirus is resistant to cold. It is not afraid of frosty weather, maintaining his viability almost completely even in a frozen state.
  5. Chlorine solutions, according to recent data, do not give a disinfection effect. Coronavirus can be destroyed only by wiping the surfaces with alcohol-containing liquids.

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