When Coronavirus Pandemic will end?

When Coronavirus Pandemic will end?

Now we are all interested in the answer to the question When Coronavirus Pandemic will end? According to recent studies, the coronavirus pandemic will end within a few months after the advent of a vaccine that has not yet been invented. And according to the worst-case scenario, the epidemic will last from one and a half to two years.


The situation that is developing today with the pandemic of the coronavirus has already covered the whole globe. And in most countries, it is only getting worse. The number of cases is growing in waves. Unfortunately, the number of victims is growing.

The situation does not yet show positive dynamics in all parts of the globe. Rather, on the contrary, shortly, another leap and increase in the number of cases are expected and, unfortunately, an increase in the number of victims of the insidious disease cannot be ruled out.

When Coronavirus Pandemic will end? New Forecast

Many experts believe that with the start of summer, the outbreak of coronavirus will decline, but the German virologist does not share such optimistic forecasts. They believe that approximately 70% of the population will become ill with a new infection.

The United States hopes to take control of the coronavirus by next year. They have already begun testing the first vaccine in humans. If the tests are successful, then in 2021 the pandemic will end.

Some scientists agreed that the spread of coronavirus will be undulating, and each subsequent outbreak will be weaker than the previous one.

The Chinese epidemiologist says that by June the coronavirus pandemic will be over. As for the rest of the world, it needs to adopt the experience of China. Zhong Nanshan calls for following the instructions of the World Health Organization. In his opinion, only tough measures will quickly overcome the peak incidence.

As for the duration: if, again, you look at swine flu, then because of the many mutations of the virus, the epidemic lasted a whole year, and it could not be stopped.

COVID-19 does not yet show an active mutation, but on the other hand, it is much more contagious. So you can expect that the virus will be heard by the end of 2020.

As long as the vaccine is not developed and not released into the masses, you can expect anything, the main thing is not to panic, try to avoid contact with people and observe preventive measures. Even if coronavirus turns out to be a seasonal phenomenon, then with the advent of autumn there is a chance of getting this infection again.

What to expect from coronavirus – 3 scenarios

After a successful experiment, in which a professor from the Imperial College London University took part. An article was published where tips are given on what to do in this situation. The document describes three scenarios, trying on each of which, we can conclude when the coronavirus epidemic will end throughout the world. So what awaits us? The saddest thing is that all three forecasts will entail a global crisis.

First option: do nothing

That is, do not take any measures and let it go by itself. As a result, everyone reboots from each other, and in this case, almost 80% of the population becomes ill. Since this article is about Great Britain, the coverage group is about 50 million people. In this case, about five hundred thousand of them will die. With this development of events, the peak of the disease will occur in May-June, and for every hundred thousand patients, 20 deaths will occur daily.

Second option: containment of a pandemic

This means that the government will try to make the incidence peak last for a long time. Such a strategy will ease the burden on the health system. But even in this case, it will be overloaded at least 8 times. But it will be possible to reduce mortality from coronavirus by almost half.

The third option: suppression

that is, hard quarantine for a long time. The goal is to completely eradicate the disease within the country, when each patient infects no more than one person. In this case, the number of patients will decline, respectively, the number of deaths from coronavirus will also decrease. In this case, quarantine will last from one year to 18 months and will end only with the start of vaccination. But one should understand what kind of a blow such an scenario will inflict.

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